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The initial phase of October is the best period to come up with a romantic love proposal. You will cherish a beautiful time with your partner by going on long drives, romantic coffee and dinner dates, movie nights and so forth! There are chances of your ex returning back in your life. October supports marital relations as well. Your spouse will turn out to be the most caring and understanding person in this entire world. Your spouse will likewise get some brilliant opportunities in their professional life.

Overall, marital relation will be stacked with harmony and serenity. In the event that you were seeking for a second marriage, there are high chances in the latter half of this month. This month is favorable for land related investment. Speculative investments will turn out to be very profitable. Your dream of purchasing a luxury car or home will be fulfilled during this month.

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You will spend good amount on house renovation. This is a golden period which will bring about increment and promotion. Hence you may plan a foreign trip with your friends and relatives. Female partners will be financially supportive towards their partner. There will be a gush of spirituality in you and you tend to go out on short religious trips. Students and Children: You will feel like having a bigger circle of friends around you.

Most of your time will be invested in them. There will be regular parties, outings and a lot of expenditure too.

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Your over confidence and distraction in past will bring about unsatisfactory outcomes. Parents are advised to handle the matter with extreme love and consideration.

Family and Health: In October a lot of get together and events are going to take place at home front. Excessive of expenditure will be a matter of great concern during this period. There will be a lot of festivities which will require expense from your end.

Be cautious about your health and take necessary precautions. In case you experience symptoms of ill health, consult a doctor at your earliest. Make an attempt not to plan trips to hill stations and sloppy areas during this month in order to avoid any sort of mishap. Eyes and mouth should be additionally taken care of. Try now.

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Financial security and a stable professional life are utmost important for every Capricorn on the Capricorn boss is a very career oriented and hardworking individual. He dedicates a large part of Capricorn employees have a rather serious and reserved approach towards their professional life. Capricorn woman is sensible, practical and pragmatic and she looks for similar qualities in her m Login Sign Up. Forgot Username? You will remain alert and cautious during the time of this month. You will get success if you work hard. Physical exertion and work pressure will be a part of your daily routine.

You should, therefore, manage your tasks well if you do not want to spoil your relationships or your health. You should make decisions with a calm state of mind. Hasty judgements are likely to blow up in your face. Thus, it is advised to avoid them as much as possible in order to keep problems at bay. You might have to undertake a number of journeys to fulfill work requirements.

These journeys are likely to beget fruitful results for you and therefore, you should not try to back out or avoid them. However, unnecessary travelling and long working hours might put strain on your body. You should stay away from bad company as it is likely that being with such people might influence you negatively and deviate you from your goals. Also, your image in the society will get tainted.

Saving money will be a tough job as you will spend recklessly during this month. Try to cut down your expenses, otherwise you might have to repent it later.

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  • Monetary gains are on the cards. You will be able to earn well if you act wisely. If you are involved in a business, you are likely to earn well through it.

    Capricorn Monthly Horoscopes, Predictions and This Month's Capricorn Astrology Forecasts

    There might be some problems but you will be able to overcome them and this will lead you to success. You will be a determined person who will not be disheartened by failure. You should make continuous efforts until you achieve your goals. Make investments only after weighing the pros and cons. Be very careful in money related matters. You will be favoured by your luck and therefore, you should try to make the best use of this time. Fulfill your responsibilities well and keep in mind that hard work always pays off. You should avoid the thought of laying the cornerstone of a new venture.

    Foreign journeys will yield positive results. Your married life will be good. You will have the support of your spouse as well as that of your in-laws. Take care of your health if you want to keep yourself in good kilter. Physical health issues are likely to cause you trouble during this month. Drive safely and keep your speed in check. Stay active and take adequate amount of sleep. You will spend time with your peer groups and your friends and will get your support, when required.

    Your siblings will be by your side in times of need. Your children will do well in their respective fields and will make you a proud parent. Politicians have a good chance to make their move and win the heart of the common people, which will in turn help them gain an edge over their opponents. You might acquire a new vehicle or a piece of land.

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    Those who are employed in the public or the private sector might get the chance to receive an increment in their income. Some of you might be able to bag a promotion as well. This will bring you joy and will further motivate you for working hard in future. Maintain a healthy relationship with your family members. The dates 5,6,15,23, and 24 of this month, seem to be a bit unfavorable for you. Be careful on these dates to avoid problems.

    You might have to struggle if you want to make financial gains. Hard work and patience will lead you to your economic goals. Being impulsive will only land you in problems and controversies. Furthermore, it will decrease your chances of achieving success. There might be problems in getting your money. Be careful in financial matters and do not trust anyone blindly.

    If you are into a business, it will flourish during this month. Saving money will not be easy for you and you might end up spending more than the required money, which might lead you to a financial crunch. Thus, you should try to meet your needs wisely and cut off unnecessary expenses.

    Also, you might use the money for investment as it will yield fruitful results in the future. You will do well in your job. You might as well plan for starting up a new side business, which will eventually add to your income. Do not let your personal relationships with your relatives disturb your professional life. You should also not trust others blindly. Use your own reasoning skills and experience to make decisions.

    Keep trying and working hard until you achieve what you aim for. You might get hit by joint pain during this month. Keep your body active and exercise regularly. Skin related problems might also trouble you during the span of this month. You should try to maintain personal hygiene and keep your surroundings clean. Be careful about your health and seek medical advice, as and when necessary.

    You will be happy and satisfied with your love life. You will have a strong bond of love with your partner, which will strengthen day by day. Both of you will wish the best for one another and will be each other's guiding light. Make sure to give them personal space and avoid being too clingy. You will get many chances to communicate your feelings and thoughts to your partner. This will further bring you closer. Be gentle and make sure that your choice of words do not hurt the sentiments of your partner.

    Spend time with your loved one and let them know their importance in your life. You might plan going out together. Exchange of gifts might further sweeten the deal. As far as married life is concerned, the conditions seem to be favourable. You will be backed by your spouse in every situation. Your in-laws will support you as well. Life partner will not let you down and will fully live up to your expectations. In return, You should try to fulfill your responsibilities towards your spouse.

    Monthly Horoscope: Capricorn, August 12222

    You will have a good relationship with your family members during the stretch of this month. The other members of the household will cooperate with you as well. The support of your parents will serve as your backbone but their degrading health might stress you.