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This is usually one of the best times of the year to look forward to promotions, greater self-esteem honour and success. If you are wanting to throw your hat in the ring, for a better position, you can find a better time to do so. The 11th house transit of the Sun on March 20, is an excellent omen for increased income, profitability in business and better all-round networking which brings the right people into your vicinity.

New business alliances can be formed as a result of the introductions that are made under these transits. The solar eclipse of June 21 is a powerful and pivotal moment financially for you in This activates many energy is associated with money, income and those other things in life which you value. As mentioned in the opening introduction to your star sign forecast for , the important karmic North node is transiting this same area which is why the eclipse will take place here.

Tremendous energy is released under these eclipses so expect important developments in your work and financial sphere after this important celestial event. You are competitive and driven to achieve your objectives in the period between May 13 and the end of the year will be important in terms of directing your drive into activities that yield excellent results.

Mars remains in your 11th house of profitable gains between June 28 and the rest of the year. It moves into its direct motion on November Then magically, they spring to life above the soil. Your efforts during this period will be much like that. This is also a time when you can ratify any agreement that is not to your liking. Often people agree to terms and conditions of employment and ill-defined later that they have been shortchanged. The some of you this could be a period when you have an opportunity to change those clauses or some of the finer print in your favour.

If real estate and investments in any sort of property are of interest to you, the August 23 transit of the Sun into your fourth house will bring these matters and sharp focus. If you have a speculative bent of mind, take advantage of the solar transit in your fifth house. Leading up to this, September 15 and September 18 trines to Pluto and Saturn respectively make you focused and practical.

On October 11 however, the square of the Sun to Jupiter may indicate waste and overconfidence in your abilities. Keep things real. Your work and health may become issues as the Sun transits your sixth house on October You may be overthinking your problems and this could be impacting your nervous system. That is also even more highly accentuated when the Sun makes an opposition aspect to Uranus on November 1.

The November 22 transit of the Sun into your seventh house is an ideal time to set up a new business partnership. Do be careful with the square aspect of Neptune on December 10 when you may be seeing the world through rose coloured glasses or could even be openly deceived. The year finishes on a high note with the Sun trine Mars aspect on December You have abundant energy, confidence and the ability to complete your tasks at the closing period of the year.

You must keep your aggression intact and under control, however, as you may be impatient and others could be dragging their feet. The ninth and 12th houses of your horoscope are predominantly spiritual houses and with Uranus, the ruler of your ninth house transiting the 12th you will feel an upswing in deeper spiritual energies throughout There may be an electric sort of energy surging within you which gives rise to unexpected intuitive insights. The energy of this planet is highly accentuated at this time. Saturn is also the coal ruling planet of your ninth house and is alluded to earlier in the reading, continue to transit your eighth house throughout most of the year.

On March 22 of ever, Saturn briefly exits into your ninth house and this brings a sense that you are indeed making headway on your spiritual path. On the 11th, it will go retrograde which indicates a need to review some of the insights or even lessons that have been at the fore of your life of the past couple of years. As Saturn re-enters your eighth house of deeper psychological complexes you need to do some further work on releasing these issues once and for all.

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As Saturn also rules your ninth house of good fortune, its connection to Venus is important as Venus rules your past karma. On March 9, April 5, October 11, October 25 and also generally after October 28 , these periods afford you an uplift in good fortune. You can expect gifts, financial rewards, lottery wins and other excellent opportunities for personal and professional advancement. This is all as a result of your past good deeds coming back in the form of good karma. You could say that this transit is a culmination of all your efforts combined with a return of some of the good karma that you have deserved.

At least in the closing weeks of the year, you should start to feel as if you have done a good job and can also see an uplift in your self-esteem. You feel as if you deserve the good that you achieve. Want answers to your life questions? Book of Fate. Remember this oracle is quite old, select a question that "best" fits your situation.

Free Tarot Readings. Tarot Cards are an ancient method of foretelling events which may occur in a person's future. Free Rune Casts Readings.

Casting Runes has been used as a form of divination since the fourth century. With the emergence of Christianity, Runes came to be seen as a pagan, evil practice. Free I Ching for Lover Readings. While the I Ching has been used as a form of general divination for thousands of years, it is also excellent for probing specific topics in detail.

Vedic Astrology. In Sanskrit, the word Jyotish is a combination of the words Jyoti, meaning light and ishta, meaning deity. Health and Wellbeing. Health is of primary importance to all of us and astrology can help understand how each Sun sign is dominated by different parts of our anatomy and so accurately depicts various health aspects which may be lacking. Self Empowerment.

Astrological Birthday Profiles. Birthdays are fun, and they can also be informative. Astrologically, each day supplies a collection of influences that contribute to creating a personality which is uniquely yours and yours alone. If you were born in the year of the dog, is going to be generally a very good year. But you must be a little careful not to wear yourself out.

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Resolutions require a great degree of tenacity and willpower. So often the New Year starts and we all feel so excited and committed to turning over a new leaf and becoming brand-new people. This month's specials are available to all visitors and offer substantial savings on already discounted reports, products, and services! My Next 3 Month Forecast. This daily personal astrological calendar is unique to you and will give you a sneak preview of what's in store. My Love Forecast. My Question Answered. Horary astrology is a system of divination using horoscopes prepared for the time of a question.

Any negativity you've experienced in your relationships can now be turned into a positive. You know What's happening in your love life, marriage and social arena? The Sun and Venus regulate your love You can come out of hiding now. You'll be fired up and ready to get back into the swing of things so Your principal love planets are Merc Setting boundaries will help avert serious consequences in any friendship or negotiations of a profe Venus Jupiter and Mars rule your romance, marriage and friendships respectively.

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Studying the transi Holding on to what you've worked hard for is important. You'll even have to fight to hold on to some Communicate slowly and sincerely with your children if you're a parent. This is a time for bonding m Your marital planet, Uranus is stationary and direct on January 7 and indicates intimate links betwe The planets indicate undercurrents of emotional frustration that may dampen your love life at presen You want responsible craziness!

Leading up to January 14 Jupiter squares Neptune with an additional Your competitive spirit is high now and you, therefore, need an adequate outlet to prove that not on An undercurrent of passion throughout Mars is the dominant planetary player in your horoscope It's difficult to calm the hysteria if you are part of the kerfuffle going on all about you. You nee Balancing your needs with those of others This year you must find a balance between showing how muc Some things are indefinable and not able to be expressed easily in words so you could find yourself New trend in your most intimate pa You have to be functional across the widest range of activities now and this may be difficult but on The more you expend the less likely you are to save and this simply means surviving at the basic lev Friendships blossom in The Full Moon on January 21 occurs in your zone of marriage and intimat You have some small matters to attend to but these may be blown out of all proportion and could invi Past karmic relationships return Venus has a great deal of influence over your relationships as it Astrology is a universal tool for unlocking your greatest talents.

Gain a deeper insight into your personality, relationships, career and spiritual self. Explore what your life and destiny are all about. Astrology is not only a way to predict the future but also remedial. Discover ways to not only reduce bad luck but also magnify the energies of your lucky planets. At astrology. The Global Astrology Network decided late in to update Astrology. Read More. This could make for some explosive moments in a business relationship or a showdown with a significant male your father, perhaps.

Nobody wants to compromise, and things could quickly devolve into a power struggle. That can be a challenge with hotheaded Mars making you thin-skinned and itching to fight. Remember, Ram: YOU are responsible for setting appropriate boundaries and articulating your needs. Others can only help if you ask. Some stability arrives on November 12, when the Taurus full moon lands in your second house of work, money and security. Ready to kick a bad habit before the holidays? With la luna in your house of daily routines, you can swap self-defeating patterns for regimens that boost your vitality.

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The full moon will also form helpful trines to structured Saturn and powerhouse Pluto, both in Capricorn and your tenth house of success. Your diligence and productivity could impress a VIP or decision maker.

Focus on those varsity-level players who can take your plans to new heights. But watch your words: This lunation will be in a tricky opposition to Mercury retrograde. On November 19, your ruling planet, Mars, shifts into Scorpio, activating your erotic and intense eighth house for the rest of the year. Mars here can ratchet up jealousy and competitiveness as much as it cranks up the sizzling heat.

Finances could become a topic of animated debate, or you may have to confront some deep-seated insecurities that cause you to act and react in knee-jerk ways. Your emotions can be inflammatory, or an attraction could move swiftly into physical terrain without any consideration of the possible consequences. With Mars here, a joint venture can rapidly develop, and you might explore ways to merge your superpowers for mutual gain. But take your time starting out and let the erratic Mars-Uranus energy pass.

Perspective returns—refreshingly—starting November 22, when the Sun soars into Sagittarius and heats up your ninth house of travel, adventure and growth. For the next month, go wide instead of deep. Explore all the enticing opportunities that pop up to stretch beyond your comfort zone. You can narrow down your choices later. For now, the idea is to think and dream big! The November 26 Sagittarius new moon plants the seeds for a visionary venture, perhaps one that involves a long-distance journey, a return to school or developing an entrepreneurial idea.

Over the next six months, a couple of those wild notions could turn into something tangible! Celebrating Thanksgiving in the U. Choose acceptance instead of swimming upstream. That will certainly help the next day, November 28, if you observe the Thanksgiving holiday.

Tarot card reading for 2020

This could be a huge career weekend—or just a moment to get deeply rooted in reality—as the moon, social Venus, responsible Saturn and transformational Pluto all gather in Capricorn and your traditional tenth house. Your celebrations could take a turn for the meaningful. The tenth house rules men, especially fathers. An important male-identified person could provide wisdom and support. Cupid is circling this month as your ruler, passionate Mars, prowls through Libra and your seventh house of committed relationships until November But you need to be focused and single-minded in your pursuits.

Give your union the TLC it deserves. Put your partner first every chance you get! Until November 25, amorous Venus is soaring through liberated Sagittarius and your adventurous ninth house. Even as Mars is spurring you toward commitment, Venus finds freedom a major turn-on.

For couples, this is a great cycle to travel together—with the caveat that trickster Mercury is retrograde until November 20 in your eighth house of sex, intimacy and intensity to boot , so there WILL be obstacles to navigate around. One thought: Plan and ticket the trip now but go later. Just having those reservations to look forward to can be exciting for now. Make like a free bird and spread those wings! These two luminaries only align in your global ninth house every 12 years, and the effect could be epic! In a LTR? Focus on ways you can continue to inspire each other to reach new levels of success and happiness.

How can you grow together by taking a shared leap of faith? Something to keep in mind: Mercury ends its retrograde in Scorpio on November 20, but the day before, Mars plunges into Scorpio until January 3 , which can drive up smoldering sexiness AND extreme jealousy. Mars can spark a secret attraction or a drive to feel sexier than ever. Are you feeling unsure about trust or angry about a past betrayal?

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Get it out into the open and deal directly. Key Dates: November 5: Mars-Pluto square Watch for an eruption of deep-seated issues under this tense clash. Have you been making repeated sacrifices but not getting your own needs met? Inspect to protect! This month, extra research is warranted as communication and technology planet Mercury spins retrograde backward until November The messenger planet is reversing through Scorpio and your eighth house of shared assets, which could make for a few tense but necessary conversations around the way you divide up money with a business or romantic partner, a roommate or in any other cooperative setting.

Be upfront and honest in the beginning about who is responsible for what to avoid any misunderstandings and resentments. Pro tip: Everyone buys their own groceries. Trust us. Explore apps that help share expenses, such as Splitwise, which takes out the guesswork—and awkwardness—in money talks. This is further fueled by energizer Mars, which is moving through your partnership houses all month. Until November 19, the red planet is in Libra, pushing you to be more balanced in your interactions.

On November 19, Mars plunges into Scorpio and your intense eighth house for the rest of the year, inspiring a deep dive into the details. If ever there was a time to take the ram by the horns and transform your finances, this is it. Ask your savviest pennywise friends and colleagues to recommend their favored financial planning tools or courses.